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Vaccines have been historically proven as a boon to the pharmaceutical world. Some of the deadly diseases such as small pox which were untreatable by drugs have been eradicated by the use of vaccines’ immunotherapy. Vaccines are based on various technologies. Conventional technique used for vaccination designing includes the utilizing of weakened pathogenic and its protein for developing immunity in the host. However, these systems have been unsuccessful in the cases of mutagenic forms of viruses. Some diseases caused by Retroviruses undergo sudden revival of the virus toxicity leading to recurrent symptoms of the diseases in the host. Therefore, injecting a plasmid DNA in the host carrying a sequence of antigenic genes is emerging as an effective option. The technological advancement in biotechnology and gene delivery systems is the major factor responsible for the precipitous growth of DNA Vaccines/Third Generation Vaccines.
As evident from the growing importance of DNA Vaccines, RNCOS endeavours to provide readers with a complete picture of the third generation vaccine technology in its new release “Global DNA Vaccine Market Outlook 2020”. The study depicts a comprehensive analysis of the various DNA Vaccines launched till date. Furthermore, the report also segments the market according to their end-users into human and animal segments. The therapeutic breakup and geographical segmentation are also provided in the report. Till date, the majority of vaccines commercialized in the market are targeted for animals. However, increasing researches for developing DNA vaccines for humans and continuous development in the gene delivery methods have led to a rising interest of major pharmaceutical companies in the human DNA vaccines market.

Meanwhile, the report covers an estimated market size of the industry in 2014 and its future forecast till the year 2020. The market size has been projected for human, animal and therapeutic segments based on the pipeline analysis of key players in this sector. Separate section is devoted to the competitive landscape including major players, their commercialized products, and strength & weakness analysis. Research has revealed that though the number of vaccines targeting the human clinical segment is comparatively less in number, their blockbuster sales made this market worth US$ 7 Billion during 2014. This is owing to growing awareness, increasing R&D investment, and better clinical outcomes over traditional vaccines.
Moreover, research has also revealed that the penetration of DNA Vaccines is less in developing countries such as India, China, Japan, and Brazil among others. This is due to factors such as uncertainty in regulatory systems and reduced expenditure in modern therapies. However, efforts have been laid down by pharma giants to expand their R&D activities in emerging markets followed by subsequent marketing and promotion for the local population. On the whole, the research covers in and out of the DNA Vaccines market which means prime importance to investors.


1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Third Generation/DNA Vaccine – An Introduction
4. Drivers & Challenges
4.1 Drivers
4.1.1 Increasing R&D Investment Accelerating New Therapies Development
4.1.2 Advantages of DNA Vaccines over Traditional Vaccines
4.1.3 Dramatic Increase in Chronic Disorders
4.2 Challenges
4.2.1 Uncertainity in Regulatory System
4.2.2 Lack of Awareness in Developing Countries
4.2.3 Development Limited to Plasmid Vectors
5. DNA Vaccine Market Overview
6. Market Segmentation
6.1 By Types
6.2 By Therapeutic Segment
6.3 By Geography
7. Pipeline Analysis
8. Trends & Developments
8.1 Advancements in Delivery Systems Aiding Growth
8.2 Expanding Applications Increasing Popularity of DNA Vaccines
8.3 Partnerships Enhancing DNA Vaccines Development
9. Competitive Assessment
9.1 Major Players in DNA Vaccine Market
9.2 Profiles
9.2.1 Pfizer Inc
9.2.2 Merck & Co., Inc
9.2.3 GlaxoSmithKline
9.2.4 Sanofi
9.2.5 Novartis
9.2.6 Zoetis
9.2.7 VGX Animal Health (A Subsidiary of Inovio Biomedical)
10. Recommendations

List of Figures:

Figure 5-1: Share of DNA Vaccines in Global Vaccine Market (%), 2014
Figure 5-2: Share of DNA Vaccines in Global Vaccine Market (%), 2020
Figure 5-3: Global – DNA Vaccine Market (Billion US$), 2014-2020
Figure 6-1: Global – DNA Vaccine Market by Type (%), 2014
Figure 6-2: Global – Human DNA Vaccine Market (Billion US$), 2014 & 2020
Figure 6-3: Global – Animal DNA Vaccine Market (Billion US$), 2014 & 2020
Figure 6-4: Global – DNA Vaccine Market by Therapeutic Segment (%), 2014
Figure 6-5: Global – DNA Vaccine Market for Infectious Diseases (Billion US$), 2014 & 2020
Figure 6-6: Global – DNA Vaccine Market for Cancer (Billion US$), 2014 & 2020
Figure 6-7: Global – DNA Vaccine Market for Other Diseases (Billion US$), 2014 & 2020
Figure 6-8: Global – DNA Vaccine Market by Geography (%), 2014
Figure 6-9: US – DNA Vaccine Market (Billion US$), 2014 & 2020
Figure 6-10: Europe – DNA Vaccine Market (Billion US$), 2014 & 2020
Figure 6-11: RoW – DNA Vaccine Market (Billion US$), 2014 & 2020
Figure 7-1: Global – DNA Vaccine Pipeline Analysis (%), 2014
Figure 9-1: Market Share of Key Players in Global DNA Vaccine Market (%), 2014

List of Tables:

Table 7-1: DNA Vaccines in Different Stages of Development
Table 9-1: Pfizer Inc – Key Financials (Million US$), 2012-2014
Table 9-2: Merck & Co., Inc – Key Financials (Million US$), 2012-2014
Table 9-3: GlaxoSmithKline – Key Financials (Million US$), 2012-2014
Table 9-4: Sanofi – Commercialized DNA Vaccines
Table 9-5: Sanofi – Key Financials (Million US$), 2012-2014
Table 9-6: Novartis – Commercialized DNA Vaccines
Table 9-7: Novartis – Key Financials (Million US$), 2012-2014




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