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Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is transmitted by exposure to infectious blood or body fluids by percutaneous or mucosal means. Transmission occurs usually amongst adults exhibiting risk behaviours e.g. IDUs, MSM and heterosexuals with multiple partners although vertical transmission can occur from mother to child at birth. The HBV virus is more infectious than HIV and can cause chronic infection, resulting in cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, liver failure, and death. It is estimated that 2 billion people worldwide have been infected with the virus and about 600 000 people die every year due to the consequences of hepatitis B (WHO Figures).

This MarketVIEW is a comprehensive MS Excel-based model + summary presentation which forecasts the potential commercial value of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) adult vaccines across major Western markets until 2030. The model contains value ($ m) and volume (mio doses) predictions per product type along with timeframe, pricing and penetration estimates for all adult risk groups and infants vaccination (where policy in place). The product also includes two different scenarios for the potential penetration of Dynavax’s new HBV vaccine Heplisav into US and EU markets and giving estimates of potential revenues to 2030.



※レポート紹介PDF⇒ http://www.vaczine-analytics.com/VAMV033_TOC_150302.pdf

****This product is composed of two models and summary presentation
Author’s note
Executive Summary
Commercial model: outputs
General summary of changes from versions 2013 to 2015
HBV vaccines: revenues by vaccine type to 2030 (Western) ($m)
HBV vaccines: revenues by vaccine type to 2030 (per country) ($m)
Monovalent HBV vaccines: revenues to 2030 (per country) ($m)
Monovalent HBV vaccines: revenues to 2030 (per risk group) ($m)
Heplisav: market revenues to 2030 ($m) – SCENARIO 1
Heplisav: market revenues to 2030 ($m) – SCENARIO 2
Hepatitis B virus background: Epidemiology update
HBV: epidemiology summary
HBV: global epidemiology
HBV: global prevalence of chronic infection
Characteristics of hepatitis B in US
US: HBV incident cases and risk exposures (2012)
Reported number of acute HBV cases – US, 2000-2012
US: HBV incident cases and risk exposures 1980-2010
Acute HBV reports by risk exposure (US, 2012)
US – HBV surface antigen positivity by state, 2009
Europe: HBV epidemiology
Europe: number of reported HBV cases in the EU/EEA, 2012
Number and rates of HBV reported cases, EU/EEA, 2009-2012
Europe: HBV cases – by age group & gender EU/EEA (2011)
Hepatitis B virus background: vaccines
Reimbursement polices: per major risk group/country
Vaccine market share split per country
At risk populations per country
HBV vaccine coverage by country
HBV background
HBV epidemiology summary
HBV global epidemiology
US: incident cases and risk exposures
National HBV vaccine policies
National HBV vaccine policies: forecast immunity to 2030
Hepatitis B vaccines: major suppliers
Hepatitis B vaccines: dosing/administration schedules
GSK Biologicals: hepatitis vaccine sales, 2005-14
Merck & Co (SPMSD): hepatitis vaccine sales, 2005-14
Engerix B: SWOT
Recombivax-HB: SWOT
New Hepatitis B vaccines: Heplisav (Dynavax)
Dynavax: Heplisav – background
Heplisav: Phase III data
Heplisav: seroprotection rates (HBV-16) study
Heplisav: immunogenicity in diabetic subjects
Heplisav: FDA – Complete Response Letter
Heplisav: HBV-23 study
Heplisav: approval timeframe (US)
HBV vaccines: commercial model: key assumptions and methodology
Overview of modeling strategy
Target populations modelled
HBV vaccines: target populations (US, 2015) (000s)
Healthcare workers: modeling strategy
Travelers: modeling strategy
Diabetics: modeling strategy, US
Infants: modeling strategy
Other “at risk” populations: modelling strategy
Summary of population changes from version 2013 – 2015
Pricing and reimbursement
Pricing assumptions
Market share split by country: by vaccine type
At risk populations by country
HBV vaccine coverage by country
HBV vaccination in US diabetics 2010-2013
Heplisav: market share/pricing estimates
Heplisav: expected commercial value US
Appendix I: Actual reported and estimated sales data
Hepatitis vaccines sales data
About VacZine Analytics

*** PAGES: ~74 MS PowerPoint slides, fully referenced/sourced. Available in .pdf form

[Contents – Vaccine demand models (MS Excel-based)]
Title sheet
Heplisav sales forecast
Country value summary
Value adults (all)
Value adults (monovalent)
Value (Twinrix)
Adult worksheets 
US (adults)
Canada (adults)
Australia (adults)
France (adults)
Germany (adults)
Italy (adults)
Spain (adults)
UK (adults)
Spain (adults)
Adult worksheets 
US (infants)
Canada (infants)
Australia (infants)
Europe universal (infants)
Europe at risk (infants)
Source material 
Total populations
18-49 yrs
Global price summary
At risk variables
Public/private split
Monovalent combi split
ESRD incidence forecast
ESRD incident cases 2014 report
ESRD incidence rate 2014 report
Trips to HBV endemic countries
Travel market variables
HBV cases US
HBV cases US by risk group
HBV cases US
Pneumo vaccine coverage
Sales data
Sales charts
Back page

*** Worksheets = 65 interconnected




VacZine Analytics has closely monitored all significant source material pertaining Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) epidemiology, disease indications and target groups. Source materials used are literature articles, government websites, medical bodies and associations, conference proceedings etc. Previously published research by VacZine Analytics in the field of viral pathogens has also been utilised.


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