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◆英語タイトル:Commercial and Military Drones: Technologies, Solutions, Market Outlook, and Forecasts 2016 - 2021
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An aerial drone (unmanned aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV) is any aircraft that operates without direct human intervention from within or on the aircraft. The global drone market is comprised of commercial and military applications.
Commercial drone technology includes energy and propulsion systems, automation system, collision avoidance system, cyber security and jamming, on-board data processing, and communication data links and radio frequency spectrum capacity. Military applications include defense and various homeland security solutions.

This report evaluates commercial and military drones including enabling technologies, applications, market overview, and more. The reports provides analysis of current market conditions and provides an outlook for the future with forecasts from 2016 to 2021 by segment, product, technology, vertical markets and applications.

Purchasers of Team or greater license receive forecast data at the country level. All purchases of Mind Commerce reports includes time with an expert analyst who will help you link key findings in the report to the business issues you’re addressing. This needs to be used within three months of purchasing the report.


1 Introduction
1.1 Executive Summary
1.2 Topics Covered
1.3 Target Audience
1.4 Companies Mentioned
2 Drone Overview
2.1 Importance of Drones
2.2 Platforms, Payloads, and Software
2.2.1 Aerial Drone Types Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
3 Enabling Technologies
3.1 Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) Sensors
3.1.1 Electro-Optical
3.1.2 Infrared
3.1.3 Dual EO/IR
3.1.4 EO900
3.2 Mapping Sensors
3.2.1 Hyper/Multi-Spectral Imagers
3.2.2 LiDAR
3.2.3 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
3.3 Communications Relay
3.3.1 UHF/VHF
3.3.2 FM Repeater
3.3.3 WaveRelay (IP network relay)
3.3.4 Drones as Mobile Cellular Base Stations
3.3.5 Wireless Ground Sensors
3.4 Sniffers
3.4.1 Methane Sniffer
3.4.2 Radiation Sensor
3.5 Cargo Space / Personnel Capsule
3.5.1 Cargo Holds
3.5.2 Personnel Capsules
3.6 Firefighting Tools
3.6.1 High-pressure Hoses
3.6.2 Bucketing
3.7 Other
3.7.1 Laser Pointer
4 Drone Applications
4.1 Package Delivery
4.1.1 Less Expensive Faster Delivery
4.1.2 Economic Challenges
4.1.3 Opportunities Opportunities based on Cargo Type Opportunity based on Cargo Destination
4.1.4 Current Players Retailers Amazon Google FedEx UPS DHL AMP Holdings Drone Manufacturers Matternet DJI 3DR Parrot
4.2 Aerial Photographing
4.2.1 Overview of Concepts Camera Attachment Flying Imaging Basic Camera Controls f-stop Shutter Speed ISO Focus Different Shot Type Capturing in Sunlight Angles of Light Backlight Side-light Front Light Daylight and Nighttime Shooting
4.3 Security
4.3.1 Traffic Monitoring
4.3.2 SWAT
4.3.3 Anti-Poaching
4.4 Surveying and Mapping
4.4.1 Sample Surveying Drones Dronemetrix
4.5 Search and Rescue
4.5.1 Challenges Sensor Data Quality Energy Restrictions Environmental Hazards Information Sharing Data Fusion Network Connectivity
4.6 Unmanned Cargo System
4.6.1 Companies and Solutions Platform for Unmanned Cargo Drone (PUCA)
4.7 Fire Fighting
4.8 Military Applications
5 Drones Classifications
5.1 Ready-to-Fly (RTF)
5.2 Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS)
5.3 Bind-and-Fly (BNF)
5.4 Almost-ready-to-Fly (ARF)
5.5 Do-it-Yourself (DIY)
5.6 Micro Drone (MAV)
5.7 Miniature Drone
5.8 Heavy Drone
6 Drones Technologies
6.1 Aerodynamics Designs
6.1.1 HTOL Configurations Main Wing Forward with Control Surfaces Aft Canard Configuration Flying Wing or “Tailless” Configurations Delta-wing Configuration
6.1.2 VTOL Configurations Single-main-Rotor Tandem Rotor Coaxial Rotor Tri-rotor Quad-rotor
6.1.3 Hybrids Convertible Rotor Drone Tilt-wing-body Drone Ducted Fan Drone Jet-life Drone
6.2 Power Supply
6.2.1 Lightweight and Effective Power is a Necessity
6.2.2 Batteries
6.3 User Interfaces
6.3.1 Interfacing with Other Systems
6.4 Computing Process
6.4.1 Microcontrollers Arduino Vex Raspberry Pi
6.5 Sensors
6.5.1 IMU
6.5.2 GPS
6.5.3 Cameras
6.5.4 Gimbal
6.5.5 Lidar
6.6 Actuators
6.7 Flying Patterns
6.7.1 Phases of Flight Pre-flight Terminal Departure En-route Terminal Arrival Post-flight
6.8 Payload Calculations
6.9 Communications Technologies
6.9.1 Data Links
6.9.2 Network-Centric Communications
7 Real-Time Operating Systems for Drones
7.1 Nuttx
7.2 Real-Time Linux
7.3 Xenomai
7.4 Orocos-Robot Operating System
7.5 DDS-ROS 2.0
7.5.1 DDS
8 Drones and Telecommunications Systems
8.1 Radio Frequency and Transmission
8.1.1 Radio Frequency Band Designations
8.1.2 Antenna Types
8.2 Mobile Control Station
9 Autonomous Drones
9.1 Self-Level Drones
9.2 Autonomous Take Off and Landing Drones
9.2.1 Autonomous Takeoff
9.2.2 Autonomous Landing
9.3 Failsafe
9.4 Return-to-Home
9.5 Follow-Me
10 Drones in Military
10.1 Army
10.1.1 Army’s Advanced Aviation Technology Directorate
10.1.2 The Air Maneuver Battle Lab
10.1.3 The Mounted Maneuver Battle Lab
10.1.4 Army’s Night Vision Electronic Sensors Directorate
10.1.5 TRADOC’s Systems Manager
10.1.6 The Dismounted Battle Space Battle Lab
10.2 Navy and Marine Corps
10.2.1 Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division
10.2.2 The Naval Research Laboratory
10.2.3 Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory
10.2.4 Naval Warfare Development Command’s Maritime Battle Center
10.2.5 Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center
10.3 Air Force
10.3.1 Air Force Special Operations Command
10.4 Joint/Other
10.4.1 United States Joint Forces Command
10.4.2 Air Force Research Laboratory
10.4.3 Coast Guard Research and Development Center
10.4.4 Joint Technology Center/System Integration Laboratory
10.5 Armed Drones
10.5.1 MAJOR Drone MQ-1 Predator RQ-2B Pioneer RQ-4 Global Hawk RQ-5A/MQ-5B Hunter RQ-7A/B Shadow 200 RQ-8A/B Fire Scout MQ-9 Predator B Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems (J-UCAS) Future Combat System (FCS) I-Gnat-ER Global Hawk Maritime Demonstration (GHMD) Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) Drone Extended Range/Multipurpose (ER/MP) Drone
10.5.2 Concept Exploration Drone X-50 Dragonfly Canard Rotor/Wing (CRW) A-160 Hummingbird Cormorant DP-5X Long Gun Unmanned Combat Armed Rotordrone (UCAR) Eagle Eye
10.5.3 Special Operations Drone Neptune Maverick XPV-1 Tern XPV-2 Mako CQ-10 SnowGoose Onyx Autonomously Guided Parafoil System
10.5.4 SMALL Drones Mini Drone Dragon Eye Force Protection Aerial Surveillance System (FPASS) FQM-151 Pointer Raven BUSTER Silver Fox ScanEagle Aerosonde BATCAM Micro Air Vehicles (MAV)
10.5.5 Unmanned Airships Advanced Airship Flying Laboratory Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) Joint Land Attack Elevated Netted Sensor (JLENS) Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID) Rapidly Elevated Aerostat Platform (REAP) High Altitude Airship (HAA) Near Space Maneuvering Vehicle (NSMV)/Ascender/V-Airship
10.6 Follow-Training
10.6.1 Training Issues
10.6.2 Training Goals
11 Drones in Healthcare
11.1 Medication Delivery
11.2 Remote Healthcare Delivery
11.2.1 Six Elements of Medicine Underlying Indicators Visible Symptoms Preliminary Consultation Consultation Evaluation and Planning Follow Up
11.2.2 Healthcare Delivery Enabling Technologies Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) Imaging Digital-enabled Medical Devices ECG and Vitals EHR Telemedicine software Analytics Software Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
12 Drones and Augmented Reality
12.1 Distance Measurements
12.2 Face Recognition
13 Drone Market Outlook and Forecasts
13.1 Market Overview
13.1.1 Government Segment
13.1.2 Commercial Segment
13.2 Challenges
13.2.1 Regulatory Issues Briefing on Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Drones Requirements Operators Requirements Operational Requirements The Microdrone Option
13.2.2 Societal Factors Driving Changes in Policy
13.2.3 Need for Drone Hubs with Charging Stations
13.3 Commercial Drone Market Trends
13.3.1 Drones Ecosystem
13.3.2 Battery and Landing Pads
13.3.3 Regulations and Support Ecosystem
13.3.4 Drones in Safety, Repairs, and Insurance
13.4 Commercial Drones Market Forecasts 2016 – 2021
13.4.1 Global Revenue Forecast Overall Market Size Global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market Size Commercial Drone Market by Segment Commercial Drone Market by Product Commercial Drone Market by Technology Commercial Drone Market by Vertical and Applications
13.4.2 Regional Revenue Forecast Commercial Drone Market by Region
13.4.3 Global Unit Shipment Forecast Global Drone Unit Shipments Global Commercial Drone Shipments Commercial Drone Shipments by Product Category Commercial Drone Shipments by Technology Commercial Drone Shipments by Vertical and Application
13.4.4 Regional Drone Unit Shipments Commercial Drone Shipments by Region
13.4.5 Global Drone Enabled Services Forecast
13.4.6 Drone Pricing


Figure 1: Comparison of Delivery Costs
Figure 2: HTOL Drones
Figure 3: Single Rotor Drone
Figure 4: Tandem Rotor Drone
Figure 5: Co-axial Rotor Drones
Figure 6: Quad Rotor Drones
Figure 7: Tilt Rotor Drones
Figure 8: Tilt-Wing-Body Drones
Figure 9: Ducted Fan Drones
Figure 10: Drone Systems
Figure 11: MQ-1 Predator
Figure 12: RQ-2B Pioneer
Figure 13: RQ-4 Global Hawk
Figure 14: RQ-5 Hunter
Figure 15: RQ-7A/B Shadow 200
Figure 16: RQ-8A/B Fire Scout
Figure 17: MQ-9 Predator B
Figure 18: Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems (J-UCAS)
Figure 19: I-Gnat-ER
Figure 20: Global Hawk Maritime Demonstration (GHMD)
Figure 21: X-50 Dragonfly Canard Rotor/Wing (CRW)
Figure 22: Cormorant Project
Figure 23: DP-5X
Figure 24: Long Gun
Figure 25: Unmanned Combat Armed Rotordrone (UCAR)
Figure 25: Eagle Eye
Figure 27: Neptune
Figure 28: Maverick
Figure 29: XPV-1 Tern
Figure 30: XPV-2 Mako
Figure 31: CQ-10 SnowGoose
Figure 32: Onyx Autonomously Guided Parafoil System
Figure 33: Dragon Eye
Figure 34: Force Protection Aerial Surveillance System (FPASS)
Figure 35: FQM- 151
Figure 36: Raven
Figure 37: BUSTER
Figure 38: Silver Fox
Figure 39: ScanEagle
Figure 40: Aerosonde
Figure 41: BATCAM
Figure 42: MAV/Wasp/Hornet
Figure 43: Advanced Airship Flying Laboratory (AAFL)
Figure 44: Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS)
Figure 45: Joint Land Attack Elevated Netted Sensor (JLENS)
Figure 46: Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID)
Figure 47: Rapidly Elevated Aerostat Platform (REAP)
Figure 48: High Altitude Airship (HAA)
Figure 49: Near Space Maneuvering Vehicle/Ascender/V-Airship
Figure 50: Marine Airborne Re-Transmission System (MARTS)
Figure 51: Total Drones in Operation 2010 – 2030
Figure 52: Current and Potential Drone Applications in Government
Figure 53: Potential Commercial Applications for Drones
Figure 54: Global Combined Drone Market 2016 – 2025
Figure 55: Global UAV Market 2016 - 2025
Figure 56: Global Combined Unit Shipments 2016 - 2025
Figure 57: Global Commercial Drone Unit Shipments 2016 - 2025
Figure 58: Global Done Enabled Services 2016 - 2025


Table 1: MQ-1 Predator Specifications
Table 2: MQ-1 Predator Performance
Table 3: RQ-2B Pioneer Specifications
Table 4: RQ-2B Pioneer Performance
Table 5: RQ-4 Global Hawk Specifications
Table 6: RQ-4 Global Hawk Performance
Table 7: RQ-5 Hunter Specifications
Table 8: RQ-5 Hunter Performance
Table 9: RQ-7A/B Shadow 200 Specifications
Table 10: RQ-7A/B Shadow 200 Performance
Table 11: RQ-8A/B Fire Scout Specifications
Table 12: RQ-8A/B Fire Scout Performance
Table 13: MQ-9 Predator B Specifications
Table 14: MQ-9 Predator B Performance
Table 15: Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems Specifications
Table 16: Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems Performance
Table 17: Future Combat System (FCS) Specifications
Table 18: Future Combat System (FCS) Performance
Table 19: I-Gnat-ER Specifications
Table 20: I-Gnat-ER Performance
Table 21: X-50 Dragonfly Canard Rotor/Wing (CRW) Specifications
Table 22: X-50 Dragonfly Canard Rotor/Wing (CRW) Performance
Table 23: A160 Hummingbird Specifications
Table 24: A160 Hummingbird Performance
Table 25: Cormorant Specifications
Table 26: Cormorant Performance
Table 27: DP-5X Specifications
Table 28: DP-5X Performance
Table 29: Long Gun Specifications
Table 30: Long Gun Performance
Table 31: Eagle Eye Specifications
Table 32: Eagle Eye Performance
Table 33: Neptune Specifications
Table 34: Neptune Performance
Table 35: Maverick Specifications
Table 36 Maverick Performance
Table 37: XPV-1 Tern Specifications
Table 38: XPV-1 Tern Performance
Table 39: XPV-2 Mako Specifications
Table 40: XPV-2 Mako Performance
Table 41: CQ-10 SnowGoose Specifications
Table 42: CQ-10 SnowGoose Performance
Table 43: Onyx Autonomously Guided Parafoil System Specifications
Table 44: Onyx Autonomously Guided Parafoil System Performance
Table 45: AAFL Specifications
Table 46: AAFL Performance
Table 47: Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) Specifications
Table 48 Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) Performance
Table 49: JLENS Specifications
Table 50: JLENS Performance
Table 51: Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID) Specifications
Table 52: Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID) Performance
Table 53: Rapidly Elevated Aerostat Platform (REAP) Specifications
Table 54: Rapidly Elevated Aerostat Platform (REAP) Performance
Table 55: High Altitude Airship (HAA) Specifications
Table 56: High Altitude Airship (HAA) Performance
Table 57: Near Space Maneuvering Vehicle Specifications
Table 58: Near Space Maneuvering Vehicle Performance
Table 59: MARTS Specifications
Table 60: MARTS Performance
Table 61: Global Commercial Drones by Segment 2016 – 2021
Table 62: Global Commercial Drones by Product 2016 – 2021
Table 63: Global Commercial Drones by Technology 2016 – 2021
Table 64: Global Commercial Drones by Vert and App 2016 – 2021
Table 64: Global Commercial Drones by Region 2016 – 2021
Table 66: Commercial Drone Shipments by Product 2016 – 2021
Table 67: Commercial Drone Shipments by Tech 2016 – 2021
Table 68: Commercial Drone Shipments by Vert & App 2016 – 2021
Table 69: Commercial Drone Shipments by Region 2016 – 2021
Table 70: Average Price for Commercial Drones


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