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Existing User Interfaces (UI) do not scale very well. Chatbots represent a way for brands, businesses and publishers to interact with users without requiring them to download an app, become familiar with a new UI, or configure and update regularly. Chatbots provide a conversational interfaces supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide automated, contextual communications.

Chatbots are taking Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to a new level as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-business communications is both automated and improved by way of push and pull of the right information at the right time. Chatbots also provide benefits to customers as both existing clients and prospects enjoy the freedom to interact on their own terms.

As the interface between humans and computers evolves from an “operational” interface (Websites and traditional Apps) to an increasingly more “conversational” interface (ChatBots, Voice Interfaces, etc.), expectations about how humans communicate, consume content, use apps, and engage in commerce will change dramatically. This transformation is poised to impact virtually every aspect of marketing and sales operations for every industry vertical.

This research provides and in-depth assessment of the Chatbots market including the following:

Global and regional forecasts by industry, application, and business model
Analysis of Chatbot market across industry verticals with use cases in diverse sectors
Analysis of Chatbot companies including their strategic initiatives, solutions, applications, and services
Assessment of current Chatbot developments and role of Machine Learning and AI other technologies
Analysis of Chatbot architecture, feature/functionality, and how it will impact enterprise and business in general
Assessment of emerging Chatbot business models and associated economic impact on labor, investments, and ROI
All purchases of Mind Commerce reports includes time with an expert analyst who will help you link key findings in the report to the business issues you’re addressing. This needs to be used within three months of purchasing the report.

Select Findings:

Chatbots are moving aggressively beyond CRM in leading industry verticals
Stand-alone Chatbots are expected to contribute 40% of the market by 2022
Lost jobs due to Chatbots and other AI represent lost wages of $262.7B annually by 2021
Consumer Chatbot applications will continue to lead the market through 2022 with $744M in revenue
Report Benefits:

Global and regional Chatbot forecasts for 2017 – 2022
Understand Chatbot technologies including AI integration
Identify market challenges and opportunities for Chatbots
Understand the macro and micro economic impact of Chatbots
Identify market leading Chatbot companies, apps, and solutions
Identify market opportunities for Chatbots across many industries
Learn what Chatbot approaches have worked, not worked, and why
Target Audience:

Next generation UI companies
Artificial Intelligence companies
Communication service providers
Internet and mobile app developers
Machine Language based app providers
Enterprise, SMB, and companies of all types
Companies in Report:

Anboto Group
Apple Inc.
Artificial Solutions Ltd.
Aspect Software, Inc.
Creative Virtual Ltd.
CX Company
eGain Corporation
Eidoserve Inc.
Facebook Inc.
Haptik, Inc.
IBM Watson
iDAvatars (IDA)
Inbenta Technologies Inc.
Intel Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
SK Telecom Co, Ltd.
Speaktoit Inc.
Yahoo Inc.


1 Introduction
1.1 Intelligent Chatbots
1.2 Chatbots vs. Virtual Personal Assistants
1.3 Chatbots and Conversational UI
1.4 Role of Machine Learning and AI
1.5 Chatbots vs. Traditional Apps
1.6 Chatbots Feature Functionality
2 Intelligent Chatbots Ecosystem Analysis
2.1 Chatbot Open Development Ecosystem
2.2 Types of Chatbots
2.3 Chatbot Architecture
2.3.1 Generative Models
2.3.2 Retrieval Based Models
2.3.3 Pattern Based Heuristics
2.4 Machine Learning and Response Generation in Chatbots
2.5 Chatbot Ecosystem
2.5.1 Native Chatbots
2.5.2 Third Party Chatbots
2.5.3 Corporate Chatbots
2.5.4 Chatbots Delivery Channel
2.5.5 Technology Assistants
2.5.6 Chatbots Application Industry
2.6 Beyond Chatbots: Messaging is the New Voice
2.7 Potential Business Impact of Chatbots
2.7.1 Establish Scalable Customer Service
2.7.2 Develop Customer Intelligence
2.7.3 Small Businesses become More Competitive
2.7.4 Improve Customer Navigational Experience
2.7.5 Personalized Sales and Marketing
2.8 Developing Chatbots: Building Blocks and Costs Analysis
2.8.1 Building Blocks of Chatbots Development
2.8.2 Develop Prerequisite Capabilities
2.8.3 Development Options along with Costing
2.8.4 Choosing a Self Service Solution
2.9 Chatbots to Make Significant Impact on Global Economy
2.9.1 Impact on Global Job Market through 2021
2.10 Investment in Chatbot Ecosystem 2011 – 2016
2.11 Investment of Slack in Chatbots Ecosystem
3 Chatbot Market: SWOT Analysis and Use Cases
3.1 SWOT Analysis
3.2 Emerging Chatbot Use Cases
3.2.1 Dialog Systems
3.2.2 Toy Devices
3.2.3 Customer Service
3.2.4 Expedite Purchase Process
3.2.5 Improve Workplace Productivity
3.2.6 Hotel Booking and Travel Agent
3.2.7 Gaming Expert 41
3.2.8 Weather Forecaster
3.2.9 News teller
3.2.10 Job Hunter
3.2.11 Marketer
3.2.12 Hair Stylist and Retailer
3.2.13 Food Order Taker
3.2.14 Finance Adviser
3.2.15 Teacher
3.2.16 Legal Advisor
3.2.17 Salesman
3.3 Market Learning from Comma.ai Self-Driving Car Device Failure
3.4 Amazon Echo Services to Hotel Suites
4 Chatbots Market Analysis and Forecasts
4.1 Global Intelligent Chatbots Market 2017 – 2022
4.2 Chatbot Market by Type 2017 – 2022
4.2.1 Stand Alone Chatbots
4.2.2 Web-Based Chatbots
4.3 Chatbot Market by Application 2017 – 2022
4.3.1 Enterprise Application Market
4.3.2 Consumer Application Market
4.3.3 Industrial Application Market
4.4 Chatbot Market by Industry Use 2017 – 2022
4.4.1 Banks and other Financial Institutions
4.4.2 Retail and E-commerce
4.4.3 Healthcare
4.4.4 Automotive and Transportation
4.4.5 IT and Telecom
4.4.6 Education
4.4.7 Manufacturing, Robotics and Heavy Industry
4.4.8 Social Media and Commerce
4.5 Chatbot Market by Value Chain Partners 2017 – 2022
4.5.1 Chatbots Software Developers
4.5.2 System Integrators and Collaborators
4.5.3 Connectivity and Platform Provider
4.5.4 Service Integrator and Provider
4.6 Chatbots Market by Business Model 2017 – 2022
4.6.1 Premium Subscription
4.6.2 Software Development Fees
4.6.3 Managed Service Fees
4.6.4 White Label Licensing
4.7 Chatbot Market by Region 2017 – 2022
4.7.1 North America Market
4.7.2 APAC Market
4.7.3 European Market
4.7.4 Latin America Market
4.7.5 Middle East and Africa (MEA) Market
5 Chatbot Company and Solution Analysis
5.1 Anboto Group
5.1.1 Overview
5.1.2 Solution and Strategic Initiatives Virtual Assistant for Customer Service Intelligent Chatbots Automatic Email Response and Management Social Module Feedback Management and Customer Engagement Suite
5.2 Apple Inc.
5.2.1 Overview
5.2.2 Apple Siri and Embedded Strategy
5.3 Artificial Solutions Ltd.
5.3.1 Overview
5.3.2 Solution and Strategic Initiatives Teneo Platform Natural Language Interface Digital Employee Natural Language Analytics
5.4 iDAvatars (IDA)
5.4.1 Overview
5.4.2 3D Virtual Assistant and Insyte Dashboard
5.5 Creative Virtual Ltd.
5.5.1 Overview
5.5.2 V-Person Technology
5.6 CX Company
5.6.1 Overview
5.6.2 Digital CX Solutions
5.7 eGain Corporation
5.7.1 Overview
5.7.2 Solution and Strategic Initiatives
5.8 Eidoserve Inc.
5.8.1 Overview
5.8.2 Abby and IVR Solution
5.9 Existor
5.9.1 Overview
5.9.2 Existor Chatbots
5.10 Google
5.10.1 Overview
5.10.2 Solution and Strategic Initiatives Google Now Google Assistant Google Home Embedded Strategy Allo DeepMind Acquisition
5.11 Intel Corporation
5.11.1 Overview
5.11.2 Solution and Strategic Initiatives Digital Personal Assistant for the Enterprise Intel AI Acquisition Strategy Intel Ginger Next gen AI Chip Strategy Intel JARVIS
5.12 Microsoft Corporation
5.12.1 Overview
5.12.2 Solutions and Strategic Initiatives Microsoft Key Five Assets Strategy Microsoft Cortana Genee and Other Acquisition Strategy Tay Bot Xiaoice Microsoft AI and Research Group Industry collaboration
5.13 Speaktoit Inc.
5.13.1 Overview
5.13.2 Solution and Strategic Initiatives Assistant.ai Api.ai
5.14 InteliWISE SA
5.14.1 Overview
5.14.2 Solution and Strategic Initiatives Virtual Assistant Chatbot Facebook Messenger Bot Proactive LiveChat Omnichannel Contact Center eGOV
5.15 Facebook Inc.
5.15.1 Overview
5.15.2 Solution and Strategic Initiatives Facebook M DeepText: Text Understanding Engine Third Party Integration
5.16 Saleforce
5.16.1 Overview
5.16.2 Solution and Strategic Initiatives
5.16.3 Einstein
5.16.4 Acquisition Strategy
5.17 Amazon
5.17.1 Overview
5.17.2 Solution and Strategic Initiatives Amazon Alexa Voice Amazon Echo
5.18 SK Telecom Co, Ltd.
5.18.1 Overview
5.18.2 Solution and Strategic Initiatives NUGU Inclusion of Conexant Systems AI Capabilities
5.19 motion.ai
5.20 Indigo
5.21 Vokul
5.22 24me
5.23 Robin
5.24 Wunderlist
5.25 Cubic
5.26 Hound
5.28 Yahoo Inc.
5.28.1 Overview
5.28.2 Yahoo Chatbots on Kik and Facebook Messenger
5.29 Helpshift
5.30 Haptik, Inc.
5.31 Aspect Software, Inc.
5.31.1 Aspect Mila: Workforce Chatbot
5.31.2 Aspect Chatbots based on ITR
5.32 Inbenta Technologies Inc.
5.32.1 Inbenta Chatbots to Skype and Facebook Messenger
5.32.2 Inbenta Chatbot Development Platform
5.33 Twilio
5.33.1 Twilio Supports HelloVote Chatbot
5.33.2 Exclusive Interview of Twilio with Mind Commerce Overall Twilio’s Comments on Bots: Twilio’s Responds to Key Questions
5.34 IBM Watson
6 Conclusions and Recommendations
6.1 Chatbots to Redefine HCI: Facebook and WhatsApp to take the Lead
6.2 Marketing Guide for the Future
6.3 AI Chatbot Apps
6.4 Recommendations to Market Players
6.4.1 Chatbots for Consumer Market
6.4.2 Integration and Convergence in Enterprise and Industrial Segment
6.4.3 Recommendations to Investors


Figure 1: Architecture of Intelligent Chatbots
Figure 2: Chatbot Ecosystem
Figure 3: Global Economic Impact of Intelligent Chatbots and VPA 2017 – 2022
Figure 4: Chatbots Investment 2011 – 2016
Figure 5: Global Intelligent Chatbots Market 2017 – 2022


Table 1: Slack Invests in Fourteen Chatbot Companies
Table 2: Intelligent Chatbots Market SWOT Analysis Chart
Table 3: Global Intelligent Chatbot Market by Chatbot Type 2017 – 2022
Table 4: Global Intelligent Chatbot Market by Sector 2017 – 2022
Table 5: Global Enterprise Chatbots: Large Enterprise vs. SMBs 2017 – 2022
Table 6: Global Intelligent Chatbot Market by Industry Use 2017 – 2022
Table 7: Global Intelligent Chatbot Market by Value Chain Partner 2017 – 2022
Table 8: Global Intelligent Chatbots Market by Business Model 2017 – 2022
Table 9: Global Intelligent Chatbot Market by Region 2017 – 2022
Table 10: North America Intelligent Chatbot Market by Leading Country 2017 – 2022
Table 11: APAC Intelligent Chatbot Market by Leading Country 2017 – 2022
Table 12: Europe Intelligent Chatbot Market by Leading Country 2017 – 2022
Table 13: Latin America Intelligent Chatbot Market by Leading Country 2017 – 2022
Table 14: MEA Intelligent Chatbot Market by Leading Country 2017 – 2022




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